Australian designer Sarah Ellison x Teranova Cement Tiles

These Warm, Graphic Cement Tiles Will Transport You to a Tuscan Villa — Or the Australian Coast

In the Australian interior-design landscape, it’s unusual to see colorful or particularly graphic tiles used outside of a kitchen or bathroom; if there are tiles to be found — no matter the location —they’re rarely more daring than a clean shade of paper-white or cloudy gray. But inspired by her travels in the Mediterranean and her day-to-day life in Byron Bay, stylist Sarah Ellison — who we’re featuring more in-depth elsewhere on the site today — had a different vision for the living rooms of Australia. Her debut collection of cement tiles for Teranova, which we’re featuring exclusively today, is a nod to the decorative floors of the Mediterranean, in a color palette that evokes the craggy Australian landscape. The half-moon shape of West Coast references the sun setting over the Margaret River in Western Australia; a more organic shape was inspired by shell formations on Ellison’s favorite beach. If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning a renovation.


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