Seashell Decor, Alabaster Fruits, Onyx Everything — A Snapshot of What’s New at Casa Shop

It was love at first sight for us with the vintage home-goods Instagram sensation Casa Shop — and, if you’re remotely familiar with the @casa__shop handle, it likely was for you as well. Cast-glass bookends, seashell decor, alabaster fruits, sculptural pitchers, onyx everything — Casa Shop’s ever-changing inventory is a snapshot of what’s currently on the shelves of every effortlessly chic person we know. Founder Emi Moore’s photographic style — sharply shadowed, frequently photographed against rumpled sheets or travertine walls — adds to the appeal and serious gimme factor of the items. Today on the site, we are going inside Moore’s Richmond home and getting a glimpse inside her buying process — but we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature the goods themselves. Here, Moore shares two dozen of her favorite recent finds.

Favorite place to shoot
My studio and our local art museum… but dreaming of Italy.

Favorite props
Fruit, hands, and flowers. I love tropical flowers when we can find them; anthurium is my favorite.

Design era you identify with most
1920s/30s Modernism and Postwar Italian design

Favorite Google image search
My latest one was Nicolai Fechin House

First vintage item you ever bought
Can’t remember, probably a vase!

Holy grail item
I found a rare perfume vessel by Alfredo Barbini for Murano last year and sold it. One of my favorite pieces ever, I’m on the lookout for more and may have to keep it this time.

Favorite thing to find
Pieces signed and dated by an artist. I love finding beautiful handmade pieces and knowing a bit about when and who made them is the cherry on top.

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