In a New Series, 3D-Rendered Anthuriums Look (Unsurprisingly) Just Like the Real Thing

It’s that time of year when publications decree which trends are in and which are out, but something we haven’t yet tired of — and may never! — is ikebana-inspired floral arrangements. So when Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen presented us with moody images of white waxy anthuriums amongst dark marbled arches and sparse sprigs of coral berries against pale pink sculptures, we were instant fans — even if the arrangements don’t even exist in real life. Appropriately called Digibana, the series finds Brasch-Willumsen exploring the Japanese art of arranging flowers in a digital context, created by way of 3D-rendering software that keeps the flora alive forever. “I like to think of this series as a futuristic Ikebana practice,” the designer says, “where moments of beauty are created and preserved only by a constant stream of likes and shares.” A little more somber and stripped back than previous renderings, the series provides a calmness and sort of meditation.

Digibana-06 Digibana-08 Digibana-01 Digibana-04 Digibana-05 Digibana-02 Digibana-10 Digibana-03