A 3D-Rendered Dreamscape in Inescapably Pleasing Pink

The last time we featured a series of digital artworks by Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen, he was zoomed in on rocks, light, and space. Now, under the name Studio Brasch — a creative studio offers 3D-rendered images for various brands and campaigns — we are offered a dreamscape in inescapably pleasing peachy-pinks. “A Lucid Dream in Pink, Sleep Cycle No 1­7,” combines balloon-like lights, terrazzo surfaces, and occasional plants in spaces that could be galleries and showrooms just as easily as they could exist in the mind. Brasch-Willumsen controls his viewer’s mood like a lucid dreamer, making us wish we could transport ourselves to these simultaneously cozy yet nondescript creations.

Sleep-Cycle-01 Sleep-Cycle-06 Sleep-Cycle-04 Sleep-Cycle-05 Sleep-Cycle-07 Sleep-Cycle-03 Sleep-Cycle-02