A New Ceramics Collection Wants to Sand Down the Edges of Brutalism

Founded by Orion Janeczek, a graphic designer and stylist from Portland, Oregon, New Material‘s first collection is called Brutalism for Lovers — i.e. thick slabs made cuddly in the form of footed trays and planters, tubetop vases, and a dinnerware set that are all sorts of chunky, cute, and slightly absurd. Using unglazed and stained clay bodies, the collection is inspired by “the lonely romance and sci-fi futurism of Brutalism.” The trays, planters, and bookends look like stoneware midsection and thighs, and the vases have bulbous tops in an array of pinks and corals and grays; the fork seems highly unusable but somehow necessary.

NM-FootedPlanter-01 NM-Tubetops-03 NM-Longbowl-07 NM-ColBookend-05 NM-Globe-08 NM-Tablesetting-09