Kasthall x Sight Unseen Rug Collection, 2019

2019 saw the launch of Sight Unseen’s first ever product for the home: A collection of two rugs for the 120-year-old Swedish company Kasthall, which we designed using the company’s online Rug Designer tool. The tool allows any architect, interior designer, or enthusiastic aesthete to create a one-off custom hand-woven or hand-tufted rug using an expansive palette of colors and patterns. Kasthall approached us as a natural partner to first test the tool out by creating rugs of our own, then tell the world via our website and social media channels — as well as the huge amount of press attention that the designs attracted.
Kasthall Sight Unseen rug Kasthall Sight Unseen rug Kasthall Sight Unseen rug