Five Artists We Loved At Armory Arts Week 2019

Armory Arts Week was admittedly a little weird this year. Collective Design took a sabbatical, as did NADA, which hosted a gallery open downtown in place of its sprawling art fair. Spring/Break moved out of its former Condé Nast digs and we never quite made it to the new location. And, oddest of all, the pier that typically hosts VOLTA showed structural damage at the eleventh hour, leaving a raft of galleries and artists homeless (some were folded into a last-minute show at David Zwirner galleries titled, appropriately, Plan B). Luckily, there was still plenty to love. If you follow our Instagram stories, you know that our favorite presentation was by design world refugees Material Lust at Independent New York, and it’ll be getting its own story later this month.

But while it can be sometimes be difficult to find artists who fit our aesthetic, the five we’re featuring in this story seriously delivered. Samantha Bittman (no stranger to Sight Unseen) showed trippy acrylic on textile pieces against a digitally printed wallpaper; Sadie Benning used some sort of magical geometric inlay process; emerging Stockholm artist Jesper Nyrén exhibited prismatic paintings in oil, acrylic, sand, and beeswax; Anna Dickinson displayed a suite of murky, mysterious cast-glass vessels; and Carmen D’Apollonio showed some of the slumpy ceramic lamps that we’ve been obsessed with for the past year. Read on to for some serious art inspiration.

Samantha Bittman at Ronchini Gallery

Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-8.42.28-AM Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-8.42.44-AM Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-8.42.55-AM Samantha Bittman Ronchini

Sadie Benning at Susanne Vielmetter

jtHxRg0I_CO0Qn9b9Cp5Aj1VqK7xMYlPbqd3cDZPzsvgHReYUxxE7IfJ843A6PaT-dkH8PCyFWsMqed3SyRu=e31-h1800 kOgZmWheiuQukROpP0Hqf7DBqjZW1yWC29t8evcapNMJts_i1qSmASEXGueMfF-cLl9uXO1riLUWVMUa3SN8M9k=e31-h1800 vHAuUGw_PMeJI8-bhrHAykxCO1TJ33ByL6QAuQX9XFOyKnKV0ODEbLaO7V8hQuhAidOCoEzC6PtnPZK5nNpBUyo=e31-h1800 zJfmSHPt-mG2QPQJgzvGMPLwaBtQqZZozFkzP3UWk62uJuvZIU88kHk4W2AbXwn6l2E3DZE2Q-2K6qTXKW1Uqg=e31-h1800

Jesper Nyrén at Galerie Forsblom

JNY064 JNY065 copy

Anna Dickinson at Von Bartha

Anna-Dickinson,-Pink-lidded-vessel,-2019,-13.3-cm-x-19.5-cm.-Courtesy-von-Bartha,-Basel Anna-Dickinson,-Amber-sphere-with-steel-rim,-2019,-14.5-cm-x-19-cm.-Courtesy-von-Bartha,-Basel Anna Dickinson, Purple vessel with silver and steel rim, 2019, 14 cm x 19 cm. Courtesy von Bartha, Basel copy Anna-Dickinson,-Blue-speckled-lidded-vessel,-2019,-13-cm-x-22-cm.-Courtesy-von-Bartha,-Basel

Carmen D’Apollonio at Linn Lühn

C_DAP_61_19_Victoria C_DAP_57_19_Need-a-break