Think Women Are Underrepresented in the Creative Arts? This Exhibition Does Too

The design world hasn’t yet grappled with the chronic underrepresentation of women by brands — the Instagram @showmealist was a good idea that seems to have sadly fizzled out — but female designers and curators are doing just fine supporting each other, thankyouverymuch. The latest is an exhibition at Ox Poblenou in Barcelona, inaugurated on International Women’s Day and curated by Sanna Völker, a Swedish furniture designer and curator living in Spain. Called Sisters, the exhibition meditates on female empowerment and sisterhood. “The exhibited works, all created exclusively for the show, express concepts of community, women in craft, femininity and social injustice,” explains Völker. “By inviting female creators from a range of creative disciplines, the show responds to the underrepresentation of women in creative arts, and the lack of female perspectives throughout society.” Our favorite pieces include a spare, sculptural seat by Paula Clavería, a fountain (new trend alert!) by Cierto Estudio, and a barely-there slim metal table by Omayra Maymó. The project also supports Dona Kolors, a non-profit fashion initiative that employs women with a background in prostitution and survivors of trafficking, giving them the advantages of legitimate employment and an opportunity to gain financial independence. On view until March 17.

Sisters_Photo Ampi Aristu_02 Reading seat by Paula Clavería_Photo Ampi Aristu_02

Paula Clavería

Mamma by Cierto Estudio_Photo Ampi Aristu_01

Cierto Estudio

Patio by Marta Ayala Herrera_Photo Ampi Aristu_01 Patio by Marta Ayala Herrera_Photo Ampi Aristu_02

Marta Ayala Herrera

Menta by Irene Infantes_Photo Ampi Aristu_01 Menta by Irene Infantes_Photo Ampi Aristu_02

Irene Infantes

1.5 by Omayra Maymó_Photo Ampi Aristu_01

Omayra Maymó

Common Effort by Sanna Völker_Photo Ampi Aristu_A02 Common Effort by Sanna Völker_Photo Ampi Aristu_B01

Sanna Völker

Out Of Sight by Alejandra Perini _ Berta Julià Sala_Photo Ampi Aristu_01jpg

Alejandra Perini & Berta Julià Sala

Sisters_Photo Ampi Aristu_01 Tez by Carla Cascales Alimbau_Photo Ampi Aristu_01 Tez by Carla Cascales Alimbau_Photo Ampi Aristu_02

Carla Cascales Alimbau

Still Life II by Marta Armengol_Photo Ampi Aristu_01

Marta Armengol