Egg Collective’s Designing Women Exhibition is This Week’s Must-Visit

Perhaps it was inevitable that this year’s NYCxDesign would focus so heavily on women. After all, the works on view this month were in many cases developed within the last half a year or so — a time when womanhood itself has been under attack in America. What this means for design is that over the next few weeks, we’ll see, among other things, an all-female exhibition at Chamber Gallery, two brand-new female designers launching at Sight Unseen OFFSITE in a special capsule section, and Designing Women, an exhibition that opened this Monday, curated by Egg Collective and featuring 16 New York–based female artists and designers. The show includes new lights by Bec Brittain and Lindsey Adelman, ceramics by Object & Totem, High Gloss, and Maria Moyer, glimmering textiles by Hiroko Takeda, and a show-stopping Douglas fir coffee table by Egg Collective themselves. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the show, on view at Egg Collective’s showroom until May 26, go to benefit Girls, INC NYC, and the exhibition itself is a statement in support of equality and empowerment of women worldwide.

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