This Tubular Furniture is Made From the Most Basic Construction Material You Can Imagine

Coils and springs are floating around the current design trend Zeitgeist — or at least we’ve seen enough of them lately that we started a Pinterest board to track them — but Korean designer Greem Jeong‘s take on springs might be our favorite application yet. Her Mono series employs silicone tubes — typically an industrial material that’s used to protect wires or pipes — that are here wrapped around a steel core to appear frozen, as if coiled around a cylinder or thrown upon a chair. Jeong uses this basic material to form everything from table bases to a stiff bench, in colors that range from velvety blue to brilliant banana yellow (in a texture that resembles something like inner tubes). Inspired by the idea of drawing three-dimensionally in space, the series can scale indefinitely, from the smallest accessory to a giant sculpture, and will soon be produced in other materials like fur, velvet, and metal.

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