Win $500 Worth of Glassware, Linen Bedding, and Furniture From Hawkins New York

Most housewares are designed in an office, based on a formula of three standard inspiration points: trend forecasts, mood boards, and vintage references. Nothing wrong with that, but it is slightly more compelling to know that for Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine, the duo behind Hawkins New York, their products start in a 1700s Dutch farmhouse, so perfectly reimagined with pastel colors and gems from the 1970s to today that we shot it for Sight Unseen last year. Since 2013, the pair have been making dishware, bedding, and other accessories that fit into the same simple-yet-colorful, vintage-yet-modern aesthetic they cultivate at home. “That’s the litmus test for Hawkins, if we can live with something and enjoy living with it,” Blaine told us in that story. From there, it’s not such a stretch to imagine that people like us would enjoy living with it, too.

Today, we’re offering one lucky reader the chance to do just that — enter the giveaway below between now and October 10 for the chance to win a $500 Hawkins New York shopping credit. You could go for longtime hits like the brand’s Confetti glassware or mustard-colored linen sheets, or choose from its newest collection, pictured in the photos in this post, which includes graphic terra cotta bowls, wicker coffee tables, and patterned wallpaper (not to mention Virginia Sin’s cult ceramic lamps). Alternately, you could horde your winnings and wait for the spring, when Hawkins is coming out with a new line of lighting and customizable furniture, like the triangular pendant lights and rust-colored sofa shown below, and the green velvet chair shown above. We’ll just be over here dying of jealousy.


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