Let’s Plan a Trip to One of These Sight Unseen–Approved Design Hotels

Though summer is typically the season of travel, maybe you’re like me and haven’t gone further than a few miles from home since spring. If that’s the case, and you’re experiencing a very serious bout of wanderlust, here are three design hotels that have caught our eye lately for their very Sight Unseen–like qualities. The Marram Montauk, a cedar-clad building overlooking the Atlantic designed by Studio Tack, has rooms featuring fiber-strung pendant lights, Noguchi light sculptures, naturally dyed jute rugs, and paintings on vintage canvases by Sean W. Spellman. The Hotel Kinsley in Kingston, New York, spread out over four historic buildings dating back to the 17th century, was designed by SU fave Robert McKinley and employs — among other wonderful things — that brocade fabric we’ve been stalking since Stockholm (WHO MAKES IT?? DM us on Instagram if you know!) And the Il Palazzo Experimental in Venice was designed by MVP Dorothee Meilichzon with an assist by Cristina Celestino in the cocktail bar — they had us at arched doorways and cone-topped finials in a renaissance-era palace. Scroll through for some serious travel inspo.

Marram Montauk

Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram Marram

Photos © Read McKendree

Hotel Kinsley

Hotel_Kinsley_Room_301_002 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_306_006 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_204_018 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_204_033 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_204_008 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_201_008 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_202_004 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_203_018 Hotel_Kinsley_Room_201_027 Hotel_Kinsley_Hall_006 Hotel_Kinsley_Hall_001 Hotel_Kinsley_Restaurant_Interiors_028Hotel_Kinsley_Restaurant_Interiors_040Hotel_Kinsley_Restaurant_Bar_Interiors_001

Photos © Nicole Franzen

Hotel Il Palazzo Experimental

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Photos © Karel Balas