Is It Weird That We Want All the Furniture From a South Korean Optometry Store?

You know a store interior is good when you want to take all of the furnishings that aren’t for sale home with you. Max Lamb’s rugs for Acne come to mind, as do the oxblood leather ottomans at Rachel Comey’s Charles de Lisle–designed NYC flagship. You can now add to that list Projekt Produkt, a South Korean optometry store designed by the Korean-born, Mälmo, Sweden–based designer Kunsik Choi. We featured that store’s graphic green benches when it opened last year, but Kunsik has since released a whole suite of furniture designed for the space, each piece more covetable than the last. “I felt that Projekt Produkt was like a person who looks cold but is warm inside,” explains Kunsik of the pieces made mostly from hand-finished aluminum: a side table whose gear-like legs were inspired by the metal factories just west of Seoul; a pair of mirrors featuring inverted circles of mirror and vegetable tanned leather; and a set of pond-shaped tables meant to mimic a puddle on asphalt with the reflection of sky after the rain.

furniture - the mirror - 03- by kunsik furniture - w stool - 02- by kunsik furniture - archive bench - 01- by kunsik furniture - pond table - 03- by kunsik furniture - the mirror - 01- by kunsik furniture - the mirror - 02- by kunsik furniture - w stool - 01- by kunsik