This Space Looks Like a Hip New Art Gallery. It’s Actually Quite the Opposite.

On most agency websites you’ll find a client list, a mission statement, and maybe a few ambient photos of past projects — certainly not a full-page slideshow of the company headquarters, conference rooms and all. Unless you happen to be Peopleographer, the Dusseldorf firm that produces films for brands, which has good reason to want to show off its office space: It was designed by the Berlin studio Vaust (whose moody furniture we featured last year) and it looks more like a contemporary art gallery than a cubicle farm. Vaust specifically wanted to imbue the space with an “artistic aura,” trading the typical tropes of workplace interiors for a focus on “conceptual boldness,” with mirrored reception desks, dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains, and black-gridded glass enclosures surrounding conference rooms and executive offices. And of course the amazing artworks seen in the photos here, created for the project by the likes of Jonathan Niclaus. We can only wonder where they hid the water cooler.Vaust_Peoplegrapher_05 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_01 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_07 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_06 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_08 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_09 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_02 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_03 Vaust_Peoplegrapher_04