Moody, Limited-Edition Pieces By a Brand-New Berlin Design Collective

Three years ago, at a café in Berlin, three friends — Joern Scheipers, David Kosock, and Bart Navarra — came up with the idea to channel their love for art and design into creating furniture. Their friendship — and their backgrounds in fashion, branding, and architecture — finally coalesced last year into VAUST, an experimental furniture and interiors studio whose first collection launched earlier this month at Der Berliner Salon. Called V33, the collection is strongly rooted in materials — black stained oak, brass, acrylic, and marble — and explores space, tension, and ancient Greek myth. Though the pieces can ostensibly be seen as a side table, a chaise lounge, a decorative sculpture, or a wall hanging, the partners didn’t wish to imbue each with a specific purpose or meaning — they’re edgy, sleek, and meant for provocation.

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