Gonzalez-Haase Fischerappelt office interior

This Berlin Agency’s Offices Look More Like a Chic New Retail Experiment

It’s not every day that we publish an office interior on Sight Unseen, but it’s also not every day that one of our favorite architecture firms turns its attention from designing Andreas Murkudis stores and art galleries to installing giant rainbow mirror walls inside marketing agencies. For the headquarters of Fischerappelt in Berlin, scenographer Pierre Jorge Gonzalez and architect Judith Haase of Gonzalez-Haase used two of the signature elements they typically deploy in high-end retail projects — staggered vertical mirror panels and pixel-like geometric platforms — to add serious design cachet to six floor of otherwise minimalist office space. Every floor has a different color scheme; visitors on the ground floor are greeted with the mirror rainbow, the fourth floor features bright red chairs and mirrors paired with smoked-glass panels, and the fifth floor is all white. Check out some of its key moments below.
gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-17 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-07 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-02 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-03 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-10 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-18 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-19 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-20 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-05 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-14 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-26

gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-21 gonzalez-haase-aas-fischerappelt-berlin-office-22