Kelly Behun x Concrete Cat is a Match Made In Heaven

A few weeks ago, we conveyed our excitement over the fact that Concrete Cat was finally making furniture. But it turns out that that was just the first piece of many, and that the Canadian studio had in fact been working under wraps on a collaboration with one of our other favorite designers: Kelly Behun. Launching this week at Barneys is Behun’s second capsule collection for the store, and in addition to new variations on her digitally printed Lazy Suzi and Puzzle Vases, Behun created an entire collection in marbled concrete in collaboration with Concrete Cat. Including catch-alls, bookends, trays, boxes, and, yes, side tables, all done in hues of gray, blue, and gold, the pieces mix Behun’s graphic sense of form with Concrete Cat’s dreamier patterning. Behun also sourced several original glass pieces including a purplish speckled vase whose treatment almost reminds us of the marbling in the other pieces. Get them while you can — Behun’s last collection sold out fast!

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