The Soft Serve Aesthetic of Anton Alvarez’s Extruded Ceramic Sculptures

The Flavour Is So Strong — Anton Alvarez’s second solo exhibition at the Stockholm gallery Larsen Warner — opened last week, situating Alvarez’s hyper-colorful, texturally striking sculptures within a peaceful white setting at the gallery’s new space in Ostermalm. Alvarez has always been interested in formal instability, and these new objects — a continuation of his work with a kind of automated ceramic extrusion — challenge our perception of weight as well as gravity, while embracing the imperfections inherent to the process of transforming wet clay inside a kiln. The  forms are achieved using an extruder exerting three tons of pressure to squeeze the wet clay through different molds; when the clay comes out the other side, it’s unpredictably folded, creased, and proportioned, with no two ever the same. Alvarez’s familiar soft serve–like forms are here joined by lacier, more rococo shapes, with one white piece even reminding us of an accordion-shaped Shakespearean collar. On view through November 9th.


Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0064 Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0037 Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0021 Anton_Alvarez_exterior_0036 Anton_Alavarez_exterior_0002 Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0011 Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0002 Anton_Alvarez_exterior_0003 Anton_Alvarez_exterior_0021 Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0042 Anton_Alavarez_exterior_0005 Anton_Alvarez_exterior_0033-Extended Anton_Alvarez_documentation_exhibition_0077