Meet Léa Munsch, the In-Demand French Ceramicist Working from the Woods

In a relatively short amount of time, French artist Léa Munsch has asserted herself as one of ceramic’s most compelling voices. In 2017, alongside three other Paris-based ceramicists, Munsch helped found the ceramics collective, Gangster Bastille. Then, in 2018, she traded Paris for Lorraine, and a new studio in a former factory that’s perched on a river in a forest (you can listen to a ‘Soundscape’ recording of her walk through the woods to the studio over on Soundcloud). There, she has been particularly called to draw inspiration from nature — producing unglazed stoneware pieces that preserve the texture, imperfections, and color of her raw materials. “Clay [is] an open field of possibilities,” Munsch writes, and in her most recent works, we see both instinct and intent at play. Sometimes, Munsch makes abstract sculptural forms that are resolutely “use-less.” Other times, these forms might become an exceedingly beautiful sconce (like the terracotta ones she contributed to the Menorca Experimental). One gets the feeling that Munsch wisely lets her materials reveal their preferred state along the way. Thanks to a beautiful series of photos created with Paris-based image-making duo AB/CB, formed by Côme de Bouchony and Anaïs Barelli, we’re able to explore the full range of their embodiment.


leaMunsch_SUMER_II_©AB_CB_19856_006_01_BD leaMunsch_Instinct_Meta_SAMAHALI_SUMER_II_Aura_of_ruins_©AB_CB_19857_003_01_BD Arkhe_I_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB_CAM9622_bd leaMunsch_texture_©AB_CB__cam9658_BD Instinct_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB__pra6040_2_BD InstinctMETA_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB_19850_002_BD leaMunsch_arkhe_I_arkhe_I_©AB_CB__19849_004_BD leaMunsch_aura-of-ruins_©AB_CB_19856_007_BD leaMunsch_instinct_meta©AB_CB_19856_009_01_BD leaMunsch_arkhe_I_arkhe_II_©AB_CB_13629_BD URUK_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB_19850_010_01_BD leaMunsch_arkhe_II_©AB_CB__cam9648_BD leaMunsch_instinct_meta_samahali_aura_of_ruins©AB_CB__cam9567_BD leaMunsch_rauk&fels_©AB_CB__19854_009_01_BD sumer_II_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB_cam9789__BD leaMunsch_aura-of-ruins_©AB_CB__cam9597_BD OpenerInstinct_LeaMunsch_©AB_CB__pra6040_2_BD copy INSTINCT_leaMunsch_©AB_CB_PRA6034__BD