40 Ultra-Scandinavian Things We Loved at Stockholm Design Week 2018

This year’s Stockholm Design Week might have been lacking our usual favorite element — the designer-helmed Örnsberg auction is taking the year off — but there was still a lot love in the Scandinavian capital. Note Design Studio created yet another perfect installation; the Oslo-based company Northern rebranded with a host of objects from some of our favorite designers; Luca Nichetto turned his ultra-cute, modular Alphabeta light for Hem into a much-needed floor version; Lambert & Fils launched its Guillaume Sasseville–designed Mile pendant in a veritable jungle created by Haha Studio; and we received an introduction to our usual host of emerging designers, this time from as far afield as the Ukraine. Scroll down for our favorite finds from the fair — then head over to Vogue where SU contributing editor Sean Santiago has listed his favorites as well!

Lambert & Fils

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Lambert and Fils8 Stockholm Furniture Fair_Lambert and Fils5

Troels Flensted

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Troels Flensted3 Stockholm Furniture Fair_Troels Flensted2 Stockholm Furniture Fair_Troels Flensted4

Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Nikolai Kotlarczyk Stockholm Furniture Fair_Nikolai Kotlarczyk1

Witek Golik

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Witek Golik


Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern10 Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern11

Gear by Johan Lindsten (photo © Tekla Severin)Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern

Peg Stool by Sami Kallio

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern13

Ballet by Vera & KyteStockholm Furniture Fair_Northern8

Frame by Cecilia Xinyu Zhang (photo © Tekla Severin)

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern7

Balancer by Yuue

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern4

Hifive by Rudi Wolff

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern6

Blush by Morten & Jonas

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern2

Oblong by Mario Tsai

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Northern3

Nest by Stine Aas

Luca Nichetto for Hem

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Luca Nichetto_Alphabeta Stockholm Furniture Fair_Luca Nichetto_Alphabeta3 Stockholm Furniture Fair_Luca Nichetto_Alphabeta2

Luca Nichetto for Fogia

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Luca Nichetto_Fogia


Muuto2 Muuto3 Muuto4

Peace Future Classics

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Peace

Prologue Exhibition by Nick Ross

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Nick Ross Stockholm Furniture Fair_Nick Ross 2

Folkform for Örsjö

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Folkform

Kristoffer Sundin & Simon Klenell for Fogia

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Klenell

Cecilia Xinyu Zhang

Stockholm Furniture Fair_Cecilia Zhang Stockholm Furniture Fair_Cecilia Zhang2

Limbik for Designtorget

LIMBIK group Design by Matilda Ellow & Sizar Alexis LIMBIK poductpicture Design by Matilda Ellow & Sizar Alexis_1

Beckmans College of Design


Arbor by Madeleine Nelson and Frida Pettersson for Källemo


Kolonn by Lisa Lindh and Klara Hedengren for Massproductions


Ariake_Stockholm_Highres_3 Ariake Ariake_Stockholm_Highres_17

Jenny Nordberg

Jenny Nordberg

Jenny Nordberg

Ferm Living

ferm-living-flying-shelves-design_dezeen_2364_hero-1-1704x959 ferm-living-flying-shelves-design_dezeen_2364_col_1

Alexander Kanygin

armchair_1 traytable_1

Aalto University Nirvana Chairs

_MG_2083_TIF _MG_2217_TIF _MG_2334_TIF