Note Design Studio Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Coolest Booth in Stockholm Was for a Vinyl Flooring Company

While it’s not exactly news that formerly uncool materials can be made to look beautiful and sophisticated, it’s perhaps never been done as well or on as large a scale as it was this week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, in a booth Note Design Studio created for the French flooring company Tarkett. Called the Lookout, the booth was made from a mix of wood, textiles, linoleum and a vinyl flooring material called iQ Megalit; the trick was in employing Note’s frequent use of geometry and a tight, tonal color palette of rust, coral, apricot, moss green, and mint. Note created a staircase, leading to a lookout point from which to view the fair, and bleacher-like stairs from a terrazzo-like flooring; the walls were created from oak wood squares; and the majority of the furnishings were also made from Tarkett’s offerings. At this point, we kind of want to hire Note Design Studio to redesign our life?

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