RIP Design Legend Ingo Maurer, Who Was More Relevant Than Ever

In a strange twist of fate, we had a story on the recent resurgence of legendary lighting designer Ingo Maurer on our calendar for today, even before we’d heard of his passing at the age of 87. We had of course followed Maurer’s work over our 15 years in the design world, but while we appreciated the audacity of Maurer’s more purposefully kitschy designs — including a series of bird chandeliers made from winged bulbs, a floor lamp resembling Mickey Mouse, and a Warhol-esque pendant made from bottles of Campari — we’d never gone full in on them (though we do admit a soft spot for his lamp inspired by Alice Cooper). To focus solely on those designs, though, is to ignore Maurer’s sheer breadth of output, and to dismiss a collection of lights that have recently felt more contemporary and relevant than ever.

We first began noticing Maurer’s Lampampe light — which features a gently crumpled Japanese paper body — popping up earlier this year in styled interiors by younger designers on Instagram, most recently in Laila Gohar and Omar Sosa’s Chinatown apartment in T Magazine (above). His palm-fan Uchiwa lights are running a close second, becoming the new go-to for a kind of neutral chic-but-rustic elegance in hotels like the Palm Heights in Grand Cayman and Kelly Wearstler’s Santa Monica Proper Hotel. But there’s a whole host of other designs we’ve been noticing and loving lately — many of which are still in production, all of which can be found vintage — including his first ever fixture, an oversized bulb in chromium-plated metal and hand-blown glass that was originally created for an installation at Herman Miller’s Munich showroom. We hope you love them too.

Top photo: Blaine Davis


Juliette Wanty

Set design for Home Style by Juliette Wanty, photo by Wendy Fenwick

Phoebe Nicol

Phoebe Nicol

Kim Coleman

Kim Coolmon

Jonathan sheffer _AD

Jonathan Sheffer’s home in Architectural Digest, photo by Tim Williams


304_PalmHeights_ 862

Uchiwa lights in the lobby of the under-renovation Palm Heights Grand Cayman. Lead designer Sarita Posada, photography by Brooke Shanesy

City Furniture

City Furniture

Uchiwa Beton Brut Beton Brut copy

Beton Brut


Santa Monica Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler



Bulb Bulb




Cork Lamp

E076-Ingo-Maurer-cork-lamp-4-1024x1024 E076-Ingo-Maurer-cork-lamp-2-1024x1024





Knot 1



a1043_Ingo-Maurer-Galgen-Losange-BD_003 a1043Ingo-Maurer-Galgen-Triangle-BD_001

a1043 Gallery

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