Design, and Its Attendant Signs of Domestic Life, Ruled at the Spring Art Fairs

We suppose this will be our last time covering the “spring art fairs” in New York: This week, the Armory announced that it would be shifting its fair schedule to September — and moving from the Piers to the Javits Center — and we’d expect that the other shows will soon follow suit. It was just one of many anything-goes, let’s-throw-out-the-book moments of last week, as everyone comes to terms with the threat of Coronavirus; there were almost as many Purell dispensers as there were paintings at the shows.

Design, and its attendant signs of domestic life, played an even more outsized role than normal at the fairs, it seemed; at Independent, the booth furniture often threatened to drown out the works themselves, as with the ombré pieces on view at Peres Projects, or the erstwhile neon pink RO/LU benches at Parker Gallery. There was also a crossover between Object & Thing and Independent, which featured some of our favorite designers, like Thaddeus Wolfe, James Shaw, and Philippe Malouin. The best booth of the week by far, though, was by the London-based gallery Lyndsey Ingram, who handed over its design and curation to painter Georgie Hopton. Hopton tapped her husband Gary Hume to share the joint booth at the Armory, then kitted it out like a real home, making rugs and curtains for the event and adding ruffles as a delicate baseboard to anchor the color-blocked walls. If “home” is the safest place to be right now, we certainly understand the desire to carry it with you wherever you go — even to an art fair.

Lyndsey Ingram

IMG_2014-web IMG_1966-web Blue-Plaster Destroyed-School---2018-- Destroyed School 10-12-2019_5017


Georgie Hopton & Gary Hume

Galerie Thomas Schulte

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Jonas Weichsel

Von Bartha Gallery

Andrew Bick, OGVDS [tilted] A v3 [Parallel]

Andrew Bick

Imi Knoebel, Anima Mundi 8-4 Imi Knoebel, Sommer 2009-6 Imi Knoebel, Element 33-1

Imi Knoebel

LandonMetz_Untitled_2020 LandonMetz_Untitled_2019

Landon Metz

Terry Haggerty, Diminishing returns

Terry Haggerty

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

YaghmaiR.2001_Window, Book of Kings 1_LT_1_web YaghmaiR.2001_Window, Book of Kings 1_LT_4_web YaghmaiR.2002_Window, Book of Kings 2_LT_2_web YaghmaiR.2003_Window, Book of Kings 3_LT_1_web

Rosha Yaghmai

Object & Thing at Independent

volumetw03-ind01_1944x B8EE9BE5-0C79-4E7F-8BC9-291BF85AFF15_1944x volumetw01-ind01_1944x

Thaddeus Wolfe


Cody Hoyt


William J. O’Brien

Independent Fair_Object & Thing0933

James M. Shaw

Ronchini Gallery

image--009 image--008 image--007

Rebecca Ward

Van Doren Waxter


Douglas Melini and Mariah Robertson


Brian Rochefort

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Ghada Amer - GHA.16475 - (image 3) - original Ghada Amer - GHA.16424 - (image 7) - original

photography by brian buckley for cheim and read gallery

Ghada Amer

The Landing

03032020_landing_0045 03032020_landing_0025

Leslie Kerr

David Kordansky Gallery

SN 19-051 SN 18-014 SN 19-005 SN 19-012b

Shahryar Nashat