The 21 Best Things We Saw at the 2020 Collectible Design Fair

Remember this post? Who knew that three years in, we would still be presenting some of our favorite American designers at the Collectible design fair in Brussels, and that the fair itself would grow to be such a juggernaut? Under the curation of Liv Vaisberg and Clélie Debehault, Collectible has evolved to be one our favorite design fairs, what with its mix of established galleries and emerging designers, its long arm of experimentation, and its emphasis on *great* sceneography. Our favorite booth this year was obviously our own, a peachy-pink oasis framed by layered, tonal, sculptural mirrors by Ben & Aja Blanc (and two excellent Cesca chairs). Called Chasing Beauty, Ben & Aja’s collection explores the very nature of reflection; at the fair, mirrors on opposite walls reflecting each other added yet a another meta layer of interpretation. Another favorite booth was by Atelier Jespers, a Brussels-based gallery whose ochre walls were framed with bands of white scalloping, a technique that might seem too on the nose if not for the sophistication and rigor of the products on view. Other highlights included a snaking aluminum table with cast resin top by Erik Olovsson, a curry-colored textile wall hanging by Sophie Rowley for Side Gallery, and two geometric tombstone-like chairs by Thiry Filliatreau at Fracas Gallery. Scroll through for the rest of our favorites!

Ben & Aja Blanc

COLLECTIBLE 2020.Sight Unseen _ Ben _ Aja Blanc_Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE Blanc_MirrorNo13_B Blanc_MirrorNo14_A

Atelier Jespers

COLLECTIBLE 2020.Atelier Jespers_Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE(2) COLLECTIBLE 2020_Atelier Jespers_Courtesy of Collectible 2020 (2) COLLECTIBLE 2020_Atelier Jespers_Courtesy of Collectible 2020

Functional Art Gallery

Anna Aagaard Jensen, Courtesy Functional Art Gallery, Photo Nicolas Schopfer Anna Aagaard Jensen, Courtesy Functional Art Gallery, Photo Nicolas Schopfer (5) Anna Aagaard Jensen, Courtesy Functional Art Gallery, Photo Nicolas Schopfer (3)

Theoreme Editions

COLLECTIBLE 2020. Theoreme Editions_Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

Side Gallery

COLLECTIBLE 2020_SIDE Gallery_ Courtesy of Collectible 2020


COLLECTIBLE 2020.Studio Haos _Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE COLLECTIBLE 2020.Studio Haos _ Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

Fracas Gallery

_M2A2708 _M2A2718 _M2A2748 _M2A2788

Camp Design Gallery

COLLECTIBLE 2020_Camp Design Gallery_Courtesy of Collectible 2020



Erik Olovsson

Drill_Vase_Group_01 Drill_Vase_Group_02 Drill_Vase_Group_03 Drill_Vase_Group_04_Small Spine_Table_01 Spine_Table_02 Spine_Table_03_Low

Éditions du Coté

20200221-Prieto fogra 27 -01 - photo Melanie Torok 20200221- Ovide fogra 27 -01- photo Melanie Torok 20200221- D4 fogra 27 -04 - photo Melanie Torok

Ben Storms

COLLECTIBLE 2020_Ben Storms_Courtesy of Collectible 2020

Galerie Jousse Enterprise

COLLECTIBLE 2020_Galerie Jousse Entreprise I Art Contemporain_Courtesy of Collectible 2020

Valerie Traan Gallery

COLLECTIBLE 2020_valerie_traan gallery_Courtesy of Collectible 2020 COLLECTIBLE 2020. Destroyers Builders _ valerie_traan gallery_ Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

BRUT Collective

COLLECTIBLE 2020.BRUT COLLECTIVE _ Bram Vanderbeke _Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE COLLECTIBLE 2020.BRUT Collective _Charlotte Jonckheer _ Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE COLLECTIBLE 2020.BRUT Collective_Nel Verbeke_Courtesyof COLLECTIBLE


COLLECTIBLE 2020.Destroyers Builders _Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

Eleven Steens

COLLECTIBLE 2020.Eleven Steens_Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE



Il•lacions Gallery

COLLECTIBLE 2020.Il.lacions Gallery _ Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

Puls Ceramics

COLLECTIBLE 2020.Puls Ceramics _ Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE

Atelier Sauvage

Ateliersauvage_image1 Ateliersauvage_image7_1_4 Ateliersauvage_image7_4_4