17 Projects We Loved at This Year’s Collectible Fair in Brussels

We didn’t have the pleasure of personally attending this year’s Collectible design fair in Brussels, where Sight Unseen hosted an installation by Objects of Common Interest, yet word traveled quickly back to us that those who did had taken to referring to our presentation as “the famous booth,” an accolade that activities on Instagram seemed to confirm. We were flattered to hear it, of course, but also honored to share the spotlight with so many other great presentations by galleries and up-and-coming designers, from a chartreuse tiled floor lamp by Duccio Maria Gambi for Nero Gallery to the insane color explosion going on in Victor Hunt’s booth, courtesy of Nortstudio and Julien Carretero. While our own project is of course featured at the top of this post, scroll down to see 16 more of our picks below.

Landscape by Objects of Common Interest

COLLECTIBLE_OOCI_jeroenverrecht COLLECTIBLE_OOCI_jeroenverrecht3

© Jeroen Verrecht

Duccio Maria Gambi for Nero Design Gallery

Collectible_DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI_NeroGallery_Photos_JacopoBille5 Collectible_DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI_NeroGallery_Photos_JacopoBille Collectible_DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI_NeroGallery_Photos_JacopoBille2 Collectible_DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI_NeroGallery_Photos_JacopoBille4 Collectible_DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI_NeroGallery_Photos_JacopoBille3

© Jacopo Bille

Julien Carretero & Nortstudio for Victor Hunt

Collectible_VH_carretero_jeroenverrecht_067 Collectible_VH_carretero_jeroenverrecht_134 Collectible_VH_carretero_jeroenverrecht_081 Collectible_VH_carretero_jeroenverrecht_010

Julien Carretero © Jeroen Verrecht

COLLECTIBLE 2019 l Victor Hunt ©Jeroen Verrecht (2) Collectible_VH_NortStudio1 Collectible_VH_NortStudio2 Collectible_VH_NortStudio3 Collectible_VH_NortStudio5 Collectible_VH_NortStudio6


Young Designers, Curated by Sophie Dries


Jonatan Nilsson

Collectible_Nilsson Collectible_Nilsson2

Garnier & Linker for Ormond Editions

Collectible_Garnier_Linker_Ormond Editions_Photo_Piet-Albert Goethals2 Collectible_Garnier_Linker_Ormond Editions_Photo_Piet-Albert Goethals

Orta Miklos and Donna Huanca for Functional Art Gallery

COLLECTIBLE 2019 l Functional Art Berlin ©Jeroen Verrecht (1)

Handmade Industrials

COLLECTIBLE 2019 l Handmade Industrial ©Jeroen Verrecht (1)


COLLECTIBLE 2019 l MANIERA ©Jeroen Verrecht

Sébastien Caporusso

COLLECTIBLE 2019 l Sébastien Caporusso ©Jeroen Verrecht

Muller Van Severen for Valerie Traan

COLLECTIBLE 2019 l valerie_traan (Muller Van Severen) ©Jeroen Verrecht



Max Enrich

Collectible_Max Enrich_Sierra5

Modern Design Review


Silo Studio


Studio Vit

Studio Lolo



Collectible Booth-1 copy