ASMR Has Finally Reached the Design World With These Chic Indoor Fountains

ASMR has been everywhere lately — Superbowl commercials, Breadface’s Instagram Stories, episodes of High Maintenance — but this may be its first foray into the design world: A series of chic, minimalist, white-noise-producing desktop fountains by Los Angeles-based ceramicist Lily Clark. Growing up next to the Silver Lake Reservoir, Clark found inspiration for the project in the mechanics of water distribution and dams, as well as the iconic Neutra and Schindler homes that blanket her neighborhood. Combining her schooling in graphic design and a yearning for the more tactile nature of ceramics, she created a set of hand-built and extruded fountains that can provide soothing, tinkling sounds (which you can preview on her site) anywhere in your home. It’s a smaller, more accessible version of a trend whose previous iterations have been larger, more expensive, and decidedly art-like. Clark’s three different versions — Flip, Drop, and Comb — are available in either off-white or terracotta stoneware, all for around $300.

LilyClark_CombFountainRed_0 LilyClark_CombFountainRed_07 LilyClark_CombFountainRed_03 LilyClark_CombFountainWhite_05 LilyClark_DropFountain_05 LilyClark_DropFountain_07 LilyClark_DropFountain_04 LilyClark_DropFountain_09 LilyClark_DropFountain_14 LilyClark_DropFountain_03 LilyClark_FlipFountain_01 LilyClark_FlipFountain_05 LilyClark_FlipFountain_07 LilyClark_FlipFountain_09 LilyClark_FlipFountain_12 LilyClark_CombFountainWhite_09 LilyClark_DropFountain_15