A New Collection of Steel and Stone Chairs That Combine Minimalism With Personality

The work of Danish interior and product designer Lisette Rutzou is characterized by a funny sleight of hand — at first you think you’re looking at something really classical and elemental, like a simple marble pedestal bowl, or a columnar lamp or table, and then you realize she’s snuck in a whole other aesthetic language, more vibey and directional than you initially understood. The marble bowl has one pink side and one that’s chartreuse, the pink column lamp has a pink boxy shade, the table also comes in disco chrome with a striped marble top. Is it classic? Or edgy? It’s both, in a way. Her newest collection of chairs and benches, Ego, has that same liminality, in which sleek, ultra-minimal metal frames use color, or those same striped marble surfaces — and in one case, below, a cool wavy backrest — to become something subtly more interesting than they might have been.
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