This Spanish Studio Just Took the Checker Craze to the Next Level

If there’s one thing that’s obvious about the Spanish design firm Masquespacio, it’s that they don’t hold back. Their furniture and interiors, without fail, go balls-to-the-wall when it comes to colors, textures, and trends. If they’re doing Memphis, they do it all the way. Ruffles and fringe? Same deal. Whether you like their projects depends a bit on whether you like whatever they’re overdosing on at any given time. Which is why we got so excited when we saw their newest restaurant design, for La Sastreria in Valencia, in which nearly every square inch of the bar area is covered in a different variation of our biggest trend prediction of the year — checkers — from your standard monochromatic Vans grid to various multicolored takes on the classic harlequin pattern.

While it may seem at first like an attempt to become some kind of post-COVID Instagram Influencer pilgrimage, the design actually had a completely unrelated objective: The tiles are an homage to the tiled building facades in the surrounding neighborhood, while the chairs are meant to evoke the simple folding chairs that its residents use to casually get together in the street in the evenings and chat. In the restaurant proper, where the menu revolves around seafood, the vibe changes to blue ceramic tiles and channel-tufted backrests cut into wave shapes, to make you feel like you’re under the ocean. But we’d rather be drowning in those checkerboards, tbh — one motif where apparently too much is not enough.LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_27 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_29 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_26 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_28 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_30 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_31 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_16 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_20 LA SASTRERIA_MASQUESPACIO_19