This Spanish Lighting Brand Just Got a Major Makeover

Years ago, I wrote an article touting the seaside Spanish town of Valencia as the Next Big Thing in design. (It is one of those cities that seems always on the verge of something bigger.) But perhaps no firm has done more to raise the profile of Valencia this year than Masquespacio, the creative consultancy that has recently been everywhere — revealing their own, amazing, color-blocked office interior, creating a line of Memphis-inspired furniture for the Valencian company Missana, and infiltrating Pinterest with their exuberant interior for a new Valencian hostel. In their latest project, the studio was charged with redesigning the identity for and reinventing four products from the Barcelonan lighting brand Raco. Masquespacio took four pendants from Raco’s existing collection and remade them with new materials, new textures, and new colors, infusing the company with new sense of cool. The collaboration was so successful that Raco enlisted Masquespacio to design its own lamp for the company. The result, at the top of this post and below, is Shade, a pendant inspired by Mediterranean light that employs not only marble and brass but also raffia and leather — two materials not typically seen in overhead lights (outside of those attached to ceiling fans!) We’re debuting the light here today on Sight Unseen; scroll down for a closer look at Masquespacio’s other work for the newly hip brand.
Masquespacio Shade RACO 4Raco_Obloha Raco_Obloha3 Raco_Obloha2 Raco_Didara2 Raco_Didara Raco_Allustas Raco_Allustas2 Raco_Heno Raco_Heno2