Inside the Quirky, Vintage-Inspired Home of Two Epic Design Collectors

Remember blogrolls? Before Instagram, that long list of curated hyperlinks cascading down the side of each website was pretty much the best you could do in terms of finding cool, like-minded new friends on the internet. That’s how, back in the early days of this site, we first stumbled upon Wary Meyers, the Cumberland, Maine–based couple and design duo who are now recognized for their graphic striped soaps and scented candles but were then known primarily as one of the best places on the internet to discover weird and amazing vintage ephemera.

We featured their incredible trove of finds in our 2012 book Paper View, and we were delighted to see some of those items pop up in the house tour Curbed published this week, including the Alex Tavoularis painting Linda’s parents picked up at a Florida estate sale and the abstract canvases John was creating at the time. We’ve been tracking their home — a 1960s-era ranch that was renovated in the ’80s — on Instagram since the couple bought it three years ago, and the pictures on Curbed show the space in its full glory (minus the backyard pool!) We’ve selected a few of our favorites, which showcase the couple’s shaggy midcentury vibe — and amazing orange enameled kitchen sink, among other design gems — but head to Curbed for the whole story, and many many more photos. (Don’t even get us started on the pink ombré basement staircase!)


House Calls_Maine_Meyer_kitchen_0007 House Calls_Maine_Meyer_sun_room_0085 House Calls_Maine_Meyer_kitchen_0787 House Calls_Maine_Meyer_detail_0098