Addition Studios’ New Collection is Uniformly Great, But You Know We’re Here for the Design Futon

The work of Ryan Hanrahan, the Australian designer behind Addition Studio, has always given off a slightly mystical vibe, with a healthy dose of incense burners and other ritualistic objects mixed in with his natural material furniture experiments. And while his new Hi End collection still has those elements, the whole venture feels much more earthbound. Maybe it’s because we’ve had to spend so much time with our things and ourselves, but Hanrahan seems more aware here of our terrestrial trappings. “The home is a shelter,” the designer explains. “It is a place to be calm, a place to meditate, a place to binge-watch 90s TV dramas in a state of total peace and oneness.”

The collection includes a modular travertine vase, a fabric seat slung from a chunky aluminum alloy frame, a translucent onyx lamp, a skeletal chair with a thin acrylic seat. One of our favorite pieces is the Introvert table, which upends the traditional colonnade shape by offsetting three differently sized cylinder legs. Three legs are cut from a single piece of travertine, allowing greater efficiency in both manufacturing and shipping as they slide together as one when not assembled. Another favorite is the Caterpillar couch, a thick mattress whose strap design allows it to be configured flat or with a backrest — in essence, a very pretty futon, suitable for meditation, gaming, and all activities in between.

Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-0202-RGB Addition Studio-Introvert-Table-0525-RGB Addition Studio-Expanse-Floor-Lamp-0392-RGB Addition Studio-Floor-Mirror-0480-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-0080-combo-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-Upholstered-0430-RGB Addition Studio-Tetris-Chair-0310-lilac-RGB Addition Studio-Tetris-Chair-0307-RGB Addition Studio-Caterpillar-Couch-0321-RGB Addition Studio-Come-Together-Lamp-0282-RGB Addition Studio-Expanse-Floor-Lamp-0275_1-RGB Addition Studio-Molecular-Vase-0264-RGB Addition Studio-Introvert-Coffee-Table-0504-RGB Addition Studio-Expanse-Floor-Lamp-0232-RGB Addition Studio-Come-Together-Lamp-0291-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-0079-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-0182-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-0211-RGB Addition Studio-Invisible-Chair-Acrylic-0447-RGB Addition Studio-Tetris-Chair-Invisible-Chair-0084-RGB