You’ll Want to Move In to the Hovey Sisters Latest Styling Project — And That’s Kind of the Point

If you’re not one of the 12.5K people who follow sisters and expert home stagers and stylists Hollister and Porter Hovey on Instagram, what are you waiting for? We’ve long been fans of the Hoveys style, which mixes big-box basics (like a double-cushioned white West Elm sofa that pops up in many of their projects) with vintage Italian and French midcentury pieces picked up at auction and accessories that were, at least pre-pandemic, often brought home from the sisters’ travels to places like Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Madrid. Hollister — whose paintings, you might recall, we once turned into wallpaper! — creates original paintings for each property, and the two work quickly on everything from Tribeca lofts to Williamsburg townhouses, so there’s always a ton of content.

Their latest project is a collaboration with the Brooklyn-based studio TBo, which had recently completed work on the renovation and enlargement of a 1899 brick townhouse located in the Bedford-Stuyesant area of Brooklyn. “The original building was in derelict condition, having been carved up into small apartments with layers of poor renovation work accumulated over the years,” say TBo founders Bretaigne Walliser and Thom Dalmas. To create a sense of flow in the new design, the existing windows in the old rear brick wall were enlarged to create a series of arcade passageways between the existing rooms and the extension. To stage it, the Hoveys brought in things like a hand-draped Jaye Kim ceramic vase the sisters picked up at Bed-Stuy boutique Sincerely Tommy, a vintage Italian Modernist coffee and tee service, French oak and rush dining chairs from the 1940s, sculptural rattan chairs from the 1960s, a Gerrit Rietveld chair in the kids room, Tito Agnoli stools in the kitchen and a pineapple box from Mexico; “in an auction miracle the week before we installed, we scored this 1960s Cesare Lacca bar cart.” Every detail is considered, down to the Buly 1803 soaps in the bathroom. When can we move in?


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