Paper Pulp and Oil Pastel Are Perfectly Paired in a Colorful New Collection

Seeking a distraction from the pandemic, Brazilian newcomer Barbara Bareca spent the better part of this year reimagining ordinary everyday objects by elevating them to a cheerfully colorful new level. Her debut “Gesture Object” collection comprises a selection of seven handmade wooden structures, including vases, a mirror, a tray, bowl, and bookends, each covered in a mélange of paper, glue, and water, then scribbled with an oil pastel for color effect and a textural finish. With their playful geometric shape and directional vibe, each object vibrates with its own presence, its identity transformed through the effervescent combinations of colors — from lipstick red and dusky pink to forest green and violet. The collection is available to buy via Bareca’s Instagram page, highlighting further how more and more designers are taking things into their own hands. Scroll through for a selection of our favorites.

Collection Bowl01a Bookends01a Vase02a Tray01a Mirror01a Vase01