“If Books Could Talk, What Furniture Would They Ask You to Make For Them?”

The design world sprang almost alarmingly fast back into action this week in Milan, but before that, one of the quieter — and cuter — exhibitions to appear on our radar was by the peripatetic Norwegian design collective Pyton. Together with the artist-run publishing project Heavy Books, Pyton’s founders Tron Meyer, Henrik Ødegaard and Richard Øiestad created a small collection of new works to show at Galleri Golsa, an Oslo space almost on its way out of existence. (Golsa closed its doors after the exhibition ended on August 22.) The concept behind the show? Christian Tunge, the artist behind Heavy Books, gave several limited edition books and zines from his publishing house to the designers and asked: “If books could talk, what furniture would they ask you to make for them?” The results range from a collection in varnished pine to a hand-dyed wool rug to a conceptual glass column on wheels, holding several copies of the same tome aloft (Leaves of Grass by Yves Scherer) almost out of reach at the top.


Heavy X Pyton11

Bokholder by Richard Øiestad

Heavy X Pyton03

Pal by Henrik Ødegaard

Heavy X Pyton05

Emma by Tron Meyer

Heavy X Pyton13

Glass Column by Richard Øiestad
Heavy X Pyton06

Paal by Henrik Ødegaard

Heavy X Pyton09

Richard Oiestad - VLC 2021 0

VLC by Richard Øiestad

Heavy X Pyton08
Heavy X Pyton07

Net (blue & brown) by Tron Meyer

Heavy X Pyton01

Green #9 by Tron Meyer

Heavy X Pyton04

Paa by Henrik Ødegaard

Heavy X Pyton10

Hydro Table by Richard Øiestad

Heavy X Pyton15

Heavy X Pyton17

Henrik Ødegaard

Heavy X Pyton12

Fruit Leaf by Tron Meyer

Heavy X Pyton16

Installation view