Cool Metallics and Skittle Colors Reign in This Sardinian Boutique by Gonzalez Haase

When we think of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, certain colors come to mind: teal, for the brilliantly blue waters of the coast; terracotta for its lush buildings and native ceramics; and taupey brown for the nuraghi, a series of mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives that dot the island. Gray, as a hue, definitively doesn’t appear anywhere in that palette. And yet when speaking of what inspired their Porto Cervo interior for the fashion boutique Modes, the architects Gonzalez Haase pay homage to the non-color: “The design is a reversal of the Sardinian port’s aesthetics,” say the studio’s founders Judith Haase and Pierre Jorge Gonzalez. “Cooler backdrops are laid as the foundation to allow bright accents, found throughout the space, to truly come to life.” This translates to custom displays made from galvanized, anodized, brushed, or high polished metals, metallic curtains, and pops of almost every color of the rainbow, from lime green to hot pink to cyan. Take a peek inside the shop below.

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