You Can Rent Out Hauvette & Madani’s Latest Project in the French Countryside

Parisian interior design duo Hauvette & Madani, who we interviewed a few months ago, just completed a new project — a former farm turned holiday home outside of Paris — and it has everything we could possibly want in a vacation house. The interiors of the stone farmhouse are bursting with the warm touches and earthy palettes we’ve come to love about the duo’s work: pale wood-clad accent walls; arcade-like arched walls in the joint living room and kitchen; patterned tiled floors; and a glossy white ceramic hearth that looks like it’s going to do numbers of Pinterest. The four bedrooms are even full of vintage pieces that you can take home, at a price, including ’70s chrome side tables, Art Deco chairs, and brass Jacques Biny appliqué lamps. The outside isn’t too bad, either. The complex, in Cogners, near the wine producing Loire Valley, sits within two hectares of private parkland complete with rolling hills and a quaint waterfall, as well as the idyllic surrounds of the French countryside at your doorstep. And the best part? You can rent it all yourself.

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