Marta Gallery Rolls Out a Much-Loved Exhibition in An NYC Bathroom Near You

You probably remember Marta Gallery’s Under/Over exhibition last fall, for which they tapped a collection of up-and-coming designers to reinvent the toilet roll. The first exhibition featured a host of excellent, and often very funny, interpretations on the theme, including entries by Sabine Marcelis, MOS Architects, and BDDW. This time around, they went rogue in their approach, partnering with a constellation of New York galleries and restaurants to exhibit the wares. Co-curated by newly minted PIN-UP editor-in-chief Emmanuel Olunkwa, the latest iteration — which ended on New Years’ Eve — featured Sight Unseen favorites like Simone Bodmer-Turner, who installed a curvy knob reminiscent of her organic clay vessels over at Emma Scully Gallery; Minjae Kim, whose inky wooden assemblage you could find at Planet Earth; and Sam Stewart over at Matter gallery with a straightforward painted red roller. One of our favorites is a painted face by Joey Frank, which appears to be projectile vomiting the acrylic roll; another, by John Sohn — installed at the yoga studio Sky Ting — frames the toilet paper roll with a PVC and goose down “pillow.”

Despite the light-hearted fare, the purpose of the ongoing project — which is put on in collaboration with the bamboo TP brand Plant Paper — is to shed light on the environmentally disastrous toll of our toilet paper use, which is wrecking on everything from forests to oceans (approximately 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet each day and every roll takes over a gallon of bleach to be produced, according to the organizers). Not sure if the installed works have been taken down yet, but if you’re gallery-hopping in New York this weekend, keep your eyes peeled and your bladder full — you may just run across the work of some of your favorite designers.

Joey-Frank-1B Emily-Schubert-A Emily-Schubert-B Simone-Bodmer-Turner-B Samuel-Marion-B Sam-Stewart-B Frederik-Nystrup-Larsen-B Ian-Felton-B John-Sohn-B Joey-Frank-2B Joel-Evey-A Brendan-Timmins-A Axelle-Dechelette-A Natalie-Weinberger-A Minjae-Kim-C copy Alan-Ruiz-A Sarah-Burns-A Nifemi-Ogunro-B Ellen-Van-Dusen-A