A Retail Interior That Does Current Trends Without Sliding Into Kitsch

Remember this honestly iconic apartment inside the Barbican by London interior architect Oskar Kohnen? Whereas that space was an homage to a kind of louche ’70s minimalism, Kohnen’s newest project — a retail concept for the southeast Asian fashion label Bonia — shows how well the designer can do current trends without sliding into kitsch. Underneath a glowing, gridded ceiling, the boutique features terracotta breezeblocks, lots of polished chrome, archways, plaster cubby-like shelves, and, in the center of it all, a giant mint green staircase to nowhere, which we assume will be used for merchandising. Cherry wood and a chartreuse rug nicely temper the more pastel, ice cream–like tendencies in the palette, and the breezeblocks are a nod to southeast Asian Modernist architecture.