Isern Serra Six N. Five interior

Barcelona’s Go-To Interior Designer for Turning Your Office Into an Oasis

This is the story that answers the question: What if you had to go back to the office, but your office looked just like a house? While that wouldn’t solve most of the problems that bedevil workplace culture and WFH advocates, maybe it would help? (Not to mention the epic kitchens on both of these renovations!) The offices we’re featuring today were both designed by the up-and-coming Barcelona-based interior designer Isern Serra, who you might remember from an apartment that went slightly viral last year — the space he shares with his partner, the ceramicist Valeria Vasi. The office he designed for creative studio Six N. Five, shown in the first half of this post, picks up on many of the same elements that made Serra’s own apartment so successful: built-in sofas, lots of plants, open shelving featuring Vasi’s ceramics, and plenty of natural materials and monochromatic earth tones. Consisting of an exhibition space, café, workshop, desk areas, and a meeting room with a kitchen, the space still manages to feel cozy, thanks in part to furnishings that would typically be found in a more residential context, including a Ferm Living coffee table, lights by Santa & Cole, and a Pacha lounge chair by Gubi.  

The other office, which serves as a headquarters for the advertising agency Fuego Camina Conmigo as well as a showroom for the brand Sancal, is a bit more traditionally office-like, what with its closed-off breakout spaces. But it still features more loungey island areas set off by colorful circular rugs and hosting cozy upholstered elements by Sancal like the recent poufs and chaises by Note Design Studio. The water cooler is dead; long live the water cooler!

Six N. Five

Fuego Camina Conmigo