Isern Serra Six N. Five interior

Barcelona’s Go-To Interior Designer for Turning Your Office Into an Oasis

This is the story that answers the question: What if you had to go back to the office, but your office looked just like a house? While that wouldn't solve most of the problems that bedevil workplace culture and WFH advocates, maybe it would help? The offices we're featuring today were both designed by the up-and-coming Barcelona-based interior designer Isern Serra — one for the creative studio Six N. Five, and the other the headquarters for ad agency Fuego Camina Conmigo.
Note Design Studio office interior

Perhaps More People Would Want to Return to the Office If It Looked Like This

There's been copious hand-wringing since the pandemic began about how people have adjusted to working from home, how WFH might actually be preferable to returning to the office, and what it all means. We would venture to guess that more people would be willing to return to their offices if they looked like this, a new London interior by Note Design Studio for The Office Group.

This Berlin Restaurant Proves How Much Color Can Define a Space

We're featuring these photos because Lok6 boasts a new interiors concept by the Berlin-based duo Various Objects, but in fact the images show how minimal an intervention is necessary when color is the absolute star of a space. Nearly every photo is suffused with a kind of late-day warmth that arises from the restaurant's foundational materials — brick-red pigmented reinforced concrete, and structural steel that's been powder-coated to match.