This Berlin Restaurant Proves How Much Color Can Define a Space

The mixed-use development Am Lokdepot opened in Berlin on the site of a disused railyard back in 2016, and Lok6, the vegetable-forward restaurant and culinary studio run by chef Julia Heifer — whose interiors we’re featuring here today — opened just a year later. We’re featuring these photos because the space boasts a new interiors concept by the Berlin-based duo Various Objects, but in fact the images show how minimal an intervention is necessary when color is the absolute star of a space. Nearly every photo of Lok6 is suffused with a kind of late-day warmth that arises from its foundational materials — brick-red pigmented reinforced concrete, and structural steel that’s been powder-coated to match. For their part, Various Objects, run by the creative couple Nadine Göpfert and Till Wiedeck, added a white curtain that flows throughout the space, a series of stainless steel tables designed by the duo, lighting by Bocci, vintage chairs by Bruno Rey and Mario Botta, hand-painted tableware by Göpfert, and a selection of unique vases by Mona Steinwidder, which are available for purchase through the studio. It’s a light touch, and as you can see from the photos, it absolutely works.

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