This Berlin-Based Furniture Brand Has All Your Color-Blocked Essentials Covered

Block colors, wavy pastels, and geometric glassware? Say no more. (Haaaave you seen our Pinterest?) Four years after founding his eponymous design brand, Berlin-based Moritz Bannach is expanding with a quartet of new offerings that build upon the bold simplicity of his first product: the Uno collection of dining/conference tables, which launched in 2018 and featured in our Saturday Selects.

Bannach’s latest design, which mimics Uno’s strikingly simple planes of color and recalls the best of Memphis Design, is Arco, a minimal coffee table comprising two cuboids laid one over the other to form a cross. The blocks come in a variety of contrasting hues and finishes, including bright shades and exaggerated wood grains, creating a major statement as a living-room centerpiece. Equally eye-catching are the wibbly Agatha consoles, designed by fellow Berliner ​​Julius Heinzl to mimic the wavy patterns of sifted sand. Their tops and legs interlink to create continuous surfaces if desired, available in dreamy pastel blue, pink, green and yellow, as well as a handsome oiled wood option. Heinzl has also designed a glassware set for the brand, Etta, comprising three basic geometric elements that can be mixed and matched. A cylindrical vase stacks atop either a conical or domed base, or it can stand alone on a table or the floor. All come in crystal, smoked glass, pale pink, pale green and sapphire blue.

Finally, Bannach’s own Ciro stool continues the purist language of his brand’s other products. Squared timbers intersect below the seat, cross at the corners, and protrude slightly as cubed extensions for just enough flourish. A rattan square is stretched across the top to form a seat between the structure of either natural oak or black stained oak, oiled walnut, or Douglas fir.