Ferm Living’s New Collection Subverts the Typical Scandinavian Simplicity With a Subtle Dose of Cool

While preparing to write this story, we were taking a deeper look at Danish brand Ferm Living’s new fall collection wondering, why exactly do we like this so much? What is it about these pepper shakers and candelabras that we feel particularly drawn to? Then we saw the text describing the collection and everything made sense — it was designed precisely in the spirit of our new book, How to Live With Objects, in which we argue that objects can have an emotional pull on the spaces in your home, triggering memories and keeping you company the same way people can. Similarly, the brand writes: “Surrounded by unique and personal treasures collected throughout a lifetime, our homes act as personal havens that warmly shield us from the outside world and grant us precious moments of reflection … they act as tools to bring out our deepest memories and emotions, making us long for casual dinners and late evenings with the people we love.”

Of course we also very much appreciate the particular aesthetic that Ferm Living has perfected over the past few years, where warm organic shapes meet cooler textures and materials — like in the brand’s new blobby-yet-planar sheet-metal candelabra — and the typical Scandinavian simplicity is subverted by the subtlest dose of cool, so that wine glasses become brown ceramic goblets and coat racks look like mid-century sculpture. Everything has a little bit of personality, which is what we advocate for in our book, and what helps render something a “personal treasure” rather than a utilitarian staple.

Scroll down to check out Ferm’s fall collection and see what we mean, then click here to shop it.