Chunky Cups and Oyster Placemats: The 2022 Gift Guide, Part II

If you asked us what our absolute top gift recommendation would be for 2022, you probably already know by now what we’d answer: our new book, How to Live With Objects, which is both a great read for hardcore design enthusiasts as well as — as Monica jokingly put it recently — “How to Make Your House Cool For Dummies.” Even if your friends or loved ones don’t avail themselves of all the tips in the book — like how to shop a flea market like a pro, or how to style their objects on a bookshelf — it will still look amazing on their coffee table. But in case you need a few other ideas, don’t worry, we’ve also compiled 100 best-gift-of-2022 runners-up: Today, it’s Jill’s 50 picks, including brutish bar carts and vases, chunky cutting boards and cups, and her favorite CBD gummies — which happen to look great, too — for dealing with publishing-a-book–related insomnia, among other things!

To recap: our book about objects = best gift. These 50 objects = pretty great too! Happy shopping everyone!

Olfacte Scented Candles by Menu, $64.95

W&S Soft Candleholder by Hay, $55

Medium Fungus Bowl by David Valner, $1,155

Rose Hibiscus Delights by Rose Los Angeles, $40

Egg Cup by Laura Liza, $24

Apron, Striped and Scalloped by Gohar World, $78

Ulysses Merch by Ash, lighter $15; bag $100; robe $175

Brute Vase by Jonah Takagi for Hem, $440

HEPA Vacuum by Airsign, $275

Everything Nice Bowls by Sophie Lou Jacobsen for Areaware, $50 each

Shell glass by Centa, $250

The Confetti Vessel by Boris de Beijer, $600

Carafe Set by Boris de Beijer, $1,100

Double Loaf Board by Jonas Lutz for RiRa Objects, $445

Slumped Plate #4 by Leo Simonsmith for Tiwa Select, $600

Watercolor Stud-Embellished Jacquard Coat by Dries Van Noten, $1,645

Leaning Tower of Ruffles Vase by Steph Trowbridge, $120

Char Eau de Perfume by Henry Rose, $120

Pen Stripe Vase by Dimore Milano, $3,130

Brut Bar Cart by Studio Anansi for Sight Unseen x Bestcase, $6,844

Small Driftwood Vase by Vivian Howard x Haand, $55

The Butter Dish by Pigeon Toe Ceramics & Fruitsuper, $72

Maie Discovery Pack, $28

The ReBowl by Material Kitchen, $25

Leorosa & Super Yaya Scarf, $315

Les Huîtres Placemats by Steak Diane, $220 for a set of 4

Cup with Red Tulips by Amanda Lucia Cote, $52

Tulip Duvet Set by Dusen Dusen, $256 for a full/queen

El Rey Wool Blanket by Nordic Knots, $195

Scallop Linen Napkins by Matilda Goad, $115 for a set of 6

Kuusi Lokki wool socks by Marimekko, $55

Blue Chubby Chair by Kooij, $571

Fondra Self-Watering Pot by Light & Ladder, $89

Becky Suss Book, $59

Wind & Fire Glass Vase by Marie Michielssen, $181

Beklina Cashmere Socks, $35

Herbarium Gift Box by Frame CPH, $160

Children’s Flatware Set in Blue by David Mellor, $85

Chunky Cup by Gustav Westman, $68

Tatung Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer, $180

Colibri Watercolor Set for Kiosk, $18

Dinner Plate by Lolly Lolly Ceramics for Ssense, $55

Gloopy Ashtray by Houseplant, $290

Swey Menorah by Virginia Sin, $200

Beklina Tie Visor Gingham, $110

Fruit Punch Checkered Tile Coasters by Sol Studio, $64 for a set of 4

Youth For Color Changing Blush Oil, $36

Dries Van Noten Lipstick Case, $38

Petal Plates by Sophie Lou Jacobsen, $99 for small, $119 for large