A Color-Blocked Exhibition By the Swedish Queen of Color

If we’ve been quiet, it’s because we’ve been away — me in Stockholm and Monica in Mexico — and we’ll be bringing you an extensive report from Stockholm tomorrow. But before then, we wanted to take a look back at another Stockholm fair that happened last month: the FORMEX interior fair, which, if your frame of reference is US-based, is something like the NYNOW of Scandinavia. The theme of this year’s fair was “Color Vibes,” and who better to expound on that than Tekla Severin, the Swedish designer who has built both her career and her wardrobe on an extraordinary sensitivity to color. In a 2,500-square-foot space at the entrance to the fair, Severin curated 200 products from 400 different exhibitors; Severin’s genius lies in the fact that it doesn’t read like a curation of product at all but rather like a perfect piece of set design or a real-life interior. “The inspiration behind the layout was labyrinths, hide and seek games, and a Rubik’s cube,” says Severin; we were reminded of a one-time Nicolas Party exhibition at the Flag Art Foundation, this Tel Aviv showroom, and Luis Barragan. It’s a show-stopper no matter what, with constantly changing perspectives as you move throughout the space. Other fairs, take note!