The 100 Best Things We Saw at Miami Art and Design Week 2023

The last time we physically attended Design Miami, believe it or not, was back in 2014, when we did a collaborative pop-up shop at the Standard with Print All Over Me and spent a memorable final night splitting off from the fair crowd to watch Rae Sremmurd perform at a hip-hop club. We haven’t ventured back since, in part because the party scene got so out of hand that it felt, in the end, like it was starting to eclipse the experience of actually seeing design and art; as fun as all that was, it wasn’t a good enough justification for the ever-ballooning costs of the trip. So we sat out the better part of the last decade, watching and collecting materials from the sidelines instead. This month was the first time we ventured back — mostly to experience Marjan van Aubel’s installation for Lexus in person — and what we found was a completely transformed event: the glitz and fanfare were greatly diminished, while the work, particularly on the design side, seemed stronger than ever.

Design Miami was large and impressive, with The Future Perfect alone debuting 120 new works by their staple roster. Alcova set up shop in Miami for the first time, taking over a charmingly retro motel and installing showcases by the likes of Palma and NM3 inside its tiny little rooms. Katie Stout debuted a large new body of work with Nina Johnson, and we had the pleasure of being invited to see a private interior by Charlap Hyman & Herrero IRL. We found great functional works at the art fairs, too, like Isabel Rower’s incredible quilt-patterned ceramic tables and chairs for Europa gallery, pictured above. We’ve rounded up just over 100 of our favorite picks from both sides of the aisle below, everything from wall mirrors to textiles to mobiles to paintings. Is Miami Art and Design Week going to be our first stop on the fair circuit from now on? Probably not, but it certainly won’t be our last.

Carpenters Workshop

Wonmin Park

David Gill

Mattia BonettiSebastian Brajkovic
Mattia Bonetti

Twenty First Gallery

Giuseppe DicrotAlice Gavalet

Todd Merrill

George Ranalli


Alfhild Kulper Wendy Maruyama Sean Gerstley x Maharam

Friedman Benda

Misha KahnThaddeus WolfeFaye ToogoodByung Hoon Choi

Lohmann Gallery

Jongjin Park

Rademakers — Rive Roshan

Cristina Grajales

Sanghoon Kim

Side Gallery

Sabine MarcelisSam Chermayeff

Nifemi Marcus-Bello for Marta Gallery

The Future Perfect

Chen Chen and Kai WilliamsChris WolstonKarl ZahnCody HoytMark Pavlovits

Harry Nuriev

AGO Projects

Magen H

Emma Scully

Aequo Gallery

Vince Skelly for Birkenstock

Palma x Verso Gallery

Rich Aybar


Forma Rosa StudioSam KlemickCaleb Ferris


Jesse Groom

Felicia Neuhof x Samuel Aguierre

Samuel Aguierre


Marjan van Aubel for Lexus

Europa Gallery

Isabel Rower

Katie Stout for Nina Johnson Gallery

Halsey McKay

Johannes Vanderbeek

Carvalho Park

Guillaume Linard Osorio


Sarah D’Ambrosio

Raster Gallery

Emilia Kina

Rodolphe Janssen

Genesis Belanger

Shulamit Nazarin

Reuven Israel Naama Tsabar Alexandre Benjamin Navet

Peres Projects

Rafa Silvares Harm Gerdes


Charlene Von Heyl Ross Bleckner Stefanie Heinze

Steve Turner

Shadi Al-Atallah


Jillian Mayer

Ahmed Morsi at the ICA

Affinity Gallery

Joseph Aina

Cooper Cole

Jennie Jieun Lee


Devin Farrand

Patricia Ready

Josefina Concha Vicente Matte


Jacqueline Cedar

Rachel Uffner

Anna Jung Seo

Design Miami booth credits: Marta (Erik Benjamins), Rademakers (Paul Barbera), all others (James Harris). Uncharted at Alcova (Paul Barbera). For all other photo credits, please visit the websites or Instagrams of the respective galleries for more information.