Everlane Shoe Park

Kick Off Your Shoes — Literally — At Everlane’s New Pop-Up

As the once-narrow concept of the retail experience has exploded in recent years, there’s been a spate of stores that purport to be something else entirely. We’ve seen the shop as art gallery, the shop as chicly curated apartment, and even the shop as restaurant. Everlane, the minimalist online fashion purveyor which has no stores to speak of, has launched two immersive pop-ups in New York this year that continue the trend. Their first Shoe Park, which ran for 10 days in May, was a climbable, interactive playground; the second, which opened this weekend in Soho and is open through October 23rd, is filled with 550 lush, tropical plants, like some sort of shoppable Promenade Plantée. Both Shoe Park concepts were designed by London set designer and SU fave Robert Storey, who, as always, was inspired by a host of high-brow influences — Noguchi playgrounds for the first, London’s Barbican for the second. Each shop offers a self-guided concept with only one rule: Visitors must check their shoes at the door. We’ll be chatting with Robert about his design process and inspirations tonight at the Shoe Park, so please come by if you’re able! If not, enjoy our little tour through the space below. 

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