A New Exhibition Featuring Florals in Every Form — And Our New Favorite Table

India Mahdavi’s Project Room is where the Iranian-born interior designer puts on freeform exhibitions four times a year, and it occupies just a single storefront below Mahdavi’s studio in Paris’s 7th arrondissement. Yet the space, now on its 12th curatorial outing, tends to occupy an outsized, Zeitgeist-driven share of the collective design consciousness due to the quality of its exhibitions: so far, one themed “reds and tartans” (both on the upswing, trendwise), one curated by AGO Projects (Mexico City–based gallery, pretty much universally loved), and the most recent, “Foreign Flowers,” which is being presented as part of the programming for Matter and Shape, a new, compact fair in the Jardin des Tuileries, designed by Willo Perron. Foreign Flowers is curated by Matter and Shape’s artistic director Dan Thawley, and it investigates the unexpected dovetailing of flowers and plants with the disciplines of furniture-making, fine art, craft, and collectible design. It also crystallizes each of the contributors as a talent to watch. Some of our favorite works on display? A pressed-flower vase by South African–born, London-based Shannon Clegg, who uses a mold to shape statice and fynbos stems into three-dimensional vessels; a table by Conie Vallese that erupts at each corner into an explosion of petals; rubber vases by Rich Aybar; ceramic flowers by Ben Mazey; a graceful, digitally printed curtain by Suzannah Pettigrew; and a flower-shaped neon by Jochen Holz. On view until March 16.