27 Things We Loved at 2024’s New York Design Week, er, Month

A funny thing happened in New York this month: While it felt like the city’s design class was constantly out at a party, celebrating *something,* it somehow didn’t feel like that much new work was on view, at least for very long. Perhaps that’s because things were so spread out this year, both temporally and geographically, Tribeca aside. (Never have we ever ventured during design week to Sunset Park, where Chen Chen & Kai Willaims launched their Sacred Tree collection.) Perhaps it’s because so many installations were one-night-only affairs; in fact, one of the only ongoing things we could consistently refer people to was a collection launch by Sunfish that took place in the couple’s apartment, so there wasn’t exactly a time limit on viewing. (We’ll be covering that presentation later this week, if you’re wondering where it is in this roundup!) Maybe the sticker shock of New York finally registered; maybe the design-fair schedule is too packed; maybe designers have come to the realization that a full collection refresh every year isn’t sustainable, which is why we saw only a piece or two from many of our stand-bys.

But somehow this year’s shambolic vibe came together into something resembling cohesion while putting together this round-up. There were, in the end, so many things to love: the fact that Simon Johns found a glassblower nearby his studio in the Canadian hinterlands to help create his wave-like Magma lamps; that Elise McMahon of LikeMindedObjects made a full collection from Mycelium foam and other biomaterials; Floris Wubben’s gorgeous clay-and-concrete furniture at The Future Perfect; Suna Bonometti’s delicately twisted cast-brass flatware at Jonald Dudd; Danny Kaplan’s beautiful lamps on view at Assembly Line, a precursor to a full collection launch next month; Jack Simonds’ protea-inspired lamp at IRL Gallery; the lacquered parchment tables from Robert Sukrachand’s new Chiang Mai–based brand Pern Baan; an assured collection by RISD students at Wanted Design/ICFF that’s sure to launch at least a half a dozen new careers. Scroll through for some of our favorites, then come back later this week for more!

Sam Stewart for Stillmade

Time & Materials at Assembly Line

Works by Fort Standard, Bowen Liu, Danny Kaplan Studio, Pat Kim, and Ravenhill Studio. Photos: Brian Ferry

Agnes studio and Supply 1006 x Viso Project

The Red Room at Apparatus Studio

The Sacred Tree by Chen & Kai

Jonald Dudd

Suna Bonometti Susan for Susan Christopher Merchant

Estelle Bourdet

Micah Rosenblatt at The Front

Photos: Marco Galloway

Magniberg Pop-up at Beverly’s

Floris Wubben at The Future Perfect

31 Days by Dumais Made

Nightlight at IRL Gallery

Grace Horan Jack Simonds Nicholas Devlin Mark Malecki

Metal at Lyle Gallery

Works by Martha McGuinn, Jøna Maaryn, and Michelle Jiaxin Huang


Craig Barrow Greg Beson Isabel Alonso Jonah Takagi Pete Oyler

Crafting Selfhood at 3.1 Phillip Lim

Works by Janny Baek, Julia Chiang, Cecile Chong, Phaan Howng, Lena Imamura, Sonya Yong James, Myung Jin Kim, Antonia Kuo, Eunji Jun, Halin Lee, Eny Lee Parker, Linda Sormin, and Steffany Tran. Photos: Angela Hau

Object & Thing at Porta

Textile by Megumi Shauna AraiTeague, Sophie Lou JacobsenFrances Palmer, Heath WagonerTextile by Kiva Motnyk

Verso & Friends

Zoe Mowat, Alex ProbaAlex ProbaHannah BigeleisenGestu. Photos: Jonathan Hokklo

Minjae Kim at Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Photos: Sean Davidson


Alexis & Ginger Pern Baan Juntos Projects. Photos: William Jess Laird SIN Simon Johns Steven Bukowski for Bestcase Bestcase Lauren Goodman

Hannah Bigeleisen

RISD — Samuel AguirreRISD — Wang ZiyanRISD — Cameron Lasson

RISD — Jumana Motiwala

RISD — Jonathan Dinetz

RISD — Oscar Walsh

RISD — Kira Wilson

RISD — Cooper Goldman

RISD — Yining Ge

Jeremy Paguet

Elise McMahon & Daniel Michalik at the Crossroads