Erich Ginder American Design Hot List 2017

Erich Ginder

We’ve shown work by Erich Ginder for years, but nothing prepared us for the stunningly original and sophisticated collection he launched this spring at OFFSITE, including lighting fixtures and room dividers covered in die-cut fabric and extruded aluminum tables in the deepest, most beautiful blue.

What is American design to you, and what excites you about it?

American design seems to be all about breaking rules, trusting your creative instincts, and cultivating your own audience. This runs contrary to the mode of working I was taught as a student, but has repeatedly proven to be the case throughout my career. Understanding this has allowed me to loosen up and take more creative risks in my work. What excites me most about being an American designer right now is the opportunity it provides to develop relationships with people who come from very different backgrounds from my own. 

What are your plans and highlights for the upcoming year? 

I’m making some significant changes to the way I produce work. In my studio practice, I’ll be focused on working directly with architects and interior designers. I’m also excited for the launch of my first lighting collection for Rejuvenation — a lighting company that assembles all of their fixtures by hand at a factory based in Portland, OR. The manufacturing capabilities they were able to bring the table allowed for a very liberating design process that was quite different from the scrappy nature by which I typically operate.

What inspires or informs your work in general?

Experimenting with materials is a significant part of my design process. Right now I’m expanding on some of the ideas I put forth during Sight Unseen OFFSITE earlier this year, but not sure what that will lead to yet. Stock aluminum extrusions still hold a lot of fascination. Although I haven’t found a practical application for it yet, I’m still fairly obsessed with a super textural metallic flame spray-coating used on the deck of aircraft carriers– think metallic silver popcorn ceiling. I’m also extremely fortunate to have family and friends who are wonderfully creative and, most importantly, hilarious. 

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